ABOUT Dewcoin

What is Dewcoin

Dewcoin is a company that specializes in the field of blockchain solutions and financial platforms. Dewcoin is currently preparing a new global standard blockchain ecosystem based on BRTE (Blockchain Real-time Ecosystem).

We provide a service model specialized for financial platform and the development of blockchain platform.
We have been sharing our business model with our overseas partners to participate in a business related to Fin-Tech, which is the center of the 4th Industrial Revolution era.

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Major Technologies of Dewcoin

Dewcoin uses a new global blockchain standard technology based on the Blockchain Real-time Ecosystem (BRTE).

Utilizing the basic blockchain, creating and using its own protocols. Bitcoin's financial transaction system and the smart contract features provided by the Ethereum ERC 20 are also included.

Simultaneous Ledger Verification by Implementing P2P Function
Even if transactions occur simultaneously based on a client’s transaction log entry function, the ledger verification not only minimizes the burden of the verification system, but it also maximizes the ability to make transactions directly through the Internet connection.

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We have an organization of technologies and technicians who have accumulated knowledge through creative collaboration.
Technical personnel
Development team
Business support
Technical sales